Wordless Wednesday

“I need a break from reality.” – unknown


I know…I know, it is hard to have a break and be at peace when all around you there is so much chaos. It’s hard to feel “normal” when all you hear from social media, from your friends and family, from the news is all about the pandemic getting worse. So much fear and anxiety especially that I am in the category of the worst hit – the elderly. Oh yes, I used to be in denial about my being an elderly at age 61… but now I have to admit that I am.
I am taking social distancing very seriously. I haven’t gone out of the house since the government announcement about lock downs and Melbourne is now in Stage 2. Late afternoon yesterday was the first time my husband and I went for our usual to be daily walks. Went for our allowable exercise time … did it a bit later so that we won’t bump on too much people. Was amazingly surprised to see this wonderful view. Sun was slowly going down and only a glimmer of light was left in the sky.

All of a sudden I felt a certain peace within me. I took a deep breath and thought…”God is still there making all these happen and I believe all of these shall pass soon.” I am full of gratitude. 🙏🏻


img_3367 (2).jpg


img_3374 (1).jpg


img_3369 (1).jpg


img_3373 (1).jpg


img_6274 (1).jpg

Amen 🙏🏻

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