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Foodie time in Madrid – Wanderlust @81

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“Spain is a fascinating mix of people, languages, culture and food, but if there is one thing all Spaniards share, it’s a love of food and drink.” – Jose Andres

Where else can you find better tasting food than in Madrid! I am not being biased but, as a Filipino, my taste palate relates more with Spanish food (the Philippines having been colonised by Spain in 1521).

Madrid is a heaven to foodies, from the delicious assortment of meats to the tapas and wines. One of the best way to get to try the various dishes is to go to the food market of Madrid, like the Mercado de San Miguel, which is conveniently located near the Plaza Mayor.

La Mazmorra Meson is a great place to visit when in Madrid. It may not be the cheapest or the best tasting, but it is the ambiance of the place. But I must admit that walking down the narrow steep steps into the underground dungeon was at first a bit creepy haha. But we went there with some people from our tour group and we enjoyed some tapas and sangria which was great!

My husband and I were in Madrid during our 27th Wedding Anniversary, which was a good 3 years ago. We were just walking near our hotel and saw this beautiful sunset in the corner of the street.

And right there, also in that same corner, we found a restaurant with wagyu meat. We couldn’t understand what the menu was saying so we said “Wagyu beef, right. We’ll just get that.” Haha

We went to a restaurant named Ole Tu. It was an impromptu dinner, without any reservation, so we weren’t expecting much. But to our surprise, to date, this is the best wagyu steak we have aver tasted…and we cooked it ourselves!

What a great way to celebrate our wedding anniversary!

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