Thursday doors-January 31 2019


“I feel very adventurous. There are so many doors to be opened, and I’m not afraid to look behind them.” 
― Elizabeth Taylor

Doors can be heavy or light … it can be small or big… it can be colourful or just plain … it can be an entry to a restaurant or an entry to a home….

Door of beach houses in Brighton, Australia

Door of apartments in Burgos, Spain
Door of a restaurant in Paris, France
Door in Vigan, Philippines
Door of a church in Victoria, Australia Door of a tram in Melbourne, Australia
Door of a display car in Blue Mini restaurant in Victoria, Australia
Back door of an apartment in London, UK
Door of a carriage in the tube in London, UK

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  1. Excellent doors! I remember that I explained to American friends in Holland that people did not live in these beach “houses” but that they were for storing beach chairs and changing clothes:) These are in pristine condition! Also love the train doors!

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    1. TCast says:

      Thanks for your comment 😍😘😃


  2. All good choices, but I love the colorful beach houses and doors.


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  3. jazzytower says:

    Love that door in Paris, and those chairs! What an accent color. I think i just found the next two colors of my crafts room😊. Thanks😊.


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    1. TCast says:

      Thanks and I love the colours too!


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